Our Approach

Our Story

Every business has a beginning . . . this is ours . . . as in, this is all new to me now.  You are experiencing our beginning.  Care to take part?

I have been wanting to create an internet gallery ever since I first hung one of my kids pictures on the fridge.  There is only so much room on a fridge door you know.  A proud father displaying his child's work is a common act.  I thought to carry it to community and new found friends. . .


Our Story

Meet the Team

Ha Ha, no team as of yet.  Just me wanting to share the works of local artist.  If anyone has any constructive advice, don't be shy. . .

Paint it.

Write it.

Sculpt it.

Selfie, old school. . .



An aspiring artist, once road bicycle to Tampa.

Draw it.

Carve it.

Build it.

Next Steps...

If you wish to display your work here, contact me.