Our Story

Every business has a beginning . . . this is ours . . . as in, this is all new to me now.  You are experiencing our beginning.  Care to take part?

I have been wanting to create an internet gallery ever since I first hung one of my kids pictures on the fridge.  There is only so much room on a fridge door you know.  A proud father displaying his child's work is a common act.  I thought to carry it to community and new found friends. . .


Meet the Team

Ha Ha, no team as of yet.  Just me wanting to share the works of local artist.  If anyone has any constructive advice, don't be shy. . .

Paint it.

Write it.

Sculpt it.

Selfie, old school. . .



An aspiring artist, once road bicycle to Tampa.

Draw it.

Carve it.

Build it.

Next Steps...

If you wish to display your work here, contact me.