Warning:  Construction Site

Please forgive all the construction mess. This is a work in progress by a non computer person.  I am aware that some of the links go nowhere and not all the flow flows.   I'm just a Dreamer learning as I go.  Feel free to share any constructive advice.  Thanks

Your Art

Tell me what moves you.  What do you find pleasing, inspiring?  What makes you want to look again?  Would you hang this on your wall?  Would you show it to your mother, your partner, your inner circle or is it a secret pleasure that you wish to cherish alone?  I wish to grasps the concept of "what is art."  So, share with me. . . or leave a Comment below.  Thanks for being here  🙂

Our Cast

The main focus of this site is to inspire artist everywhere and to highlight local artist and those whom I am fortunate to know.  The Eastern Shore of Maryland and the whole of the Delmarva Peninsula has many talented artist.  I wish to build a place to showcase their efforts.  Click to meet them.  Hope you enjoy.  Please send in your thoughts.

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    1. Thanks Cat! I appreciate your suggestions. I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate – starving artist need to eat you know . . . 🙂

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